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The characters you've come to love in K. Bromberg's Driven and Everyday Heroes series now get to carry on in their very own Fan Fiction world. Over 100 authors have come together to give you more of the worlds that you love. 

In the Driven World, read on about those who surround Colton, Rylee, and their crew of friends you've fallen in love with.

In the Everyday Heroes World, read more about the other first responders who work with the Malone Brothers. 

Are these books just like K. Bromberg's Books? Did she help write them? Help me understand!

All the books in the KB Worlds were inspired by Kristy's already established worlds. Are they the exact same? Of course not. The authors participating write a WIDE array of genres and that's exactly what I wanted. To introduce my worlds to other readers and in different ways than I did. So the stories run the gamut--contemporary, paranormal, suspense, YA/NA, erotic, etcetera. If one genre isn't your cup of tea, no worries--there are plenty more that just might be. 

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